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The Best 15 Sympathy Gift Ideas to Comfort a Loved One

The Best 15 Sympathy Gift Ideas to Comfort a Loved One

When a loved one is grieving, a gift that expresses condolences and keeps someone's memory alive can bring healing to the bereaved. But sometimes choosing what to give is difficult. To let them know that you are thinking of them when they are grieving, your memorial gifts should be thoughtfully given to them in remembrance of loved ones and lost ones.

Whether you’re looking for an expression of sympathy that’s unique and personal, a customizable keepsake in memory of the deceased, or sympathy gifts that brings comfort during tough times, you’ll find inspiration among these 15 memorial gift ideas that will honor their life.


A blanket is one of the easy ways to show meaningful messages to our loved ones. You can custom image, and name to make it a unique memorial gift.


  1. ”Those we love don’t go away” Cardinal Blanket



2. “As I Sit In Heaven” Butterfly Custom Photo Blanket

3. “Your wing were ready, but my heart was not” Angle Wing Custom Photo Blanket

4. “In Loving Memory” Butterfly Artwork Custom Photo Blanket

5. “Fishing In Heaven” Blanket

6. “As I Sit In Heaven” Blue Butterfly & Flower Vintage Blanket

7. “Missing You Is A Heartache That Never Goes Away” Purple Butterfly Custom Photo Blanket


A small, personalized ornament is a great way to remember a loved one during the holiday season. Design an ornament with a  message or photo of the person who has died, as well as any other personalized details you would like to include.

8. “Your Wings Were Ready, But My Heart Was Not” Dragonfly Ornament

9. Those We Love Don’t Go Away Blue Butterfly Ornament

10. “In loving memory” Angel Wing Vintage Ornament

11. “I Am Always With You” Red Cardinal Ornament

Canvas – Poster

Give a gift that sends your condolences while honoring their loved one’s memory. A canvas wall art with a personalized sentiment, words of encouragement, or a meaningful message can be a best idea to comfort someones.

12. “As I Sit In Heaven” Dragonfly Custom Photo Memorial Canvas Wall Art 

13. "Because Someone We Love Is In Heaven" Sunflower Matte Canvas


A customized -shirt can make for a daily moment of remembrance. Printing the person’s name and dates or a favorite saying of the person who has passed can be a sweet reminder of happy memories.

14. “Daddy’s Girl I Used To Be His Angel” T-shirt

15. My Guardian Angel T-Shirt

Whatever you send or give as a condolence gift, remember to include a sympathy card written from the heart and filled with personal details. Your sympathy gift will be the personal touches that show you care enough to create something truly special.


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